We offers ultimate software solutions based on Smart Card and RFID technologies for Healthcare, Insurance, Transportation, Tourism, Public/Mass Transit, Enterprise, e-Governance, Retail, and Education.

Smart Card Software Solutions:
  • Health SCM - Saves time, money and lives. Promote reward points scheme.
  • Health Insurance SCM - Perfect solution for national health schemes and services.
  • e-Fare 2010 - Ultimate Automatic Fare Collection software for public/mass transit operators.
  • e-Visitor 2010 - RFID/Contactless smart card ticketing system for Tourism.
  • e-Event 2010 - RFID/Contactless smart card event ticketing software solution for any type of event.
  • e-Ticket 2010 - Ticketing system for concerts, sport, cinema, club, parking, concert, GYM, special dinner.
  • e-Wallet 2010 - Smart card based electronic purse software solution.
  • Loyalty SCM-Smart card based loyalty program & membership software. Boost sale & customer experience.
  • Smart Password Keeper - Keeps passwords & PINs safe & secure in smart card.
  • Secure File 2010 - Keep your financial and other secret files and data in smart card.
Smartcard Products